How to Protect Your Hearing

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Everywhere you go, there it is…….noise: Loud music at concert venues, theater surround-sound, manufacturing noise, airport noise, traffic noise, fire trucks, television noise, noise in the car, screaming fans at sporting events. While much of the noise we hear every day is at relatively safe …

Lifestyle - How to Protect Your Family's Hearing

How to Protect Your Family’s Hearing

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How to Protect Your Family’s Hearing As you journey through the process of your own hearing loss or that of a parent, you might be wondering what could have been done differently to prolong healthy hearing. You may be asking yourself, “How can I protect …

Ear Candling for Earwax Removal | Does it Actually Work?

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Have you heard of ear candling? Ear Candling, also called Ear Coning or Thermal Auricular Therapy, is a popular method among natural health proponents for earwax removal. There is no doubt that it has been practiced for centuries across several cultures. There are references in …

What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

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What Are the Causes of Tinnitus? Ringing, buzzing, whooshing, clicking, ticking – no matter how you describe the “sounds” that tinnitus causes, this common side effect of hearing loss is at best bothersome, and at worst unbearable. While simply losing the ability to perceive certain …

What Causes Hearing Loss?

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What Causes Hearing Loss? Part of understanding your own hearing loss – and finding solutions that are right for you and your lifestyle – is knowing the facts about what causes hearing loss. But just like the many ways that individuals experience a loss of …