Why Are Hearing Aids Not Covered by Medicare?

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HEARING AIDS & MEDICARE The Short Answer. The short answer, according to the Medicare Consumer Guide, is: “Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids because of the expense that comes with this avenue of coverage. Some hearing aid plans cost thousands of dollars, so covering them might …

5 Ways to Cope with Tinnitus

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5 Ways to Cope with Tinnitus As we age, the things that used to be simple and effortless become increasingly challenging. From flights of stairs to cutting vegetables for our dinner, as our bodies age, the simple functions we take for granted – like the …

What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

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What Are the Causes of Tinnitus? Ringing, buzzing, whooshing, clicking, ticking – no matter how you describe the “sounds” that tinnitus causes, this common side effect of hearing loss is at best bothersome, and at worst unbearable. While simply losing the ability to perceive certain …