How Hearing Loss Affects Communication

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Do you struggle to hear when someone’s speaking to you? Can you hear the phone ringing, and your spouse calling to you from another room? If you have hearing loss, you know that it’s affecting communication. Even simple conversations lead to misunderstandings, and you have …


Noise Pollution & Hearing Loss

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As the world around us advances, there’s mounting evidence that the environmental noise we are producing along the way could cause lasting damage to our hearing. Rates of hearing loss in young people is on a sharp rise, and population rates of hearing impairment are …

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Hearing Loss Set to Double by 2060 in the US

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According to research from John Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, the rate of hearing loss in the United States is set to nearly double by the year 2060. Extrapolated from current statistics on hearing loss, research found that hearing impairment will be affecting 44 million Americans …