Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

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If you’ve been avoiding treating your hearing loss, it’s time to reconsider. Not only do hearing aids help you hear all the sounds around you, a recent study found that hearing aids can keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy! Living with untreated hearing loss has a lot of negative health effects. Don’t ignore your hearing health, and find out how hearing aids can change your life.

Hearing Aids and Happiness

A recent study by Professor Bridget Shield at London’s Brunel University looked at how hearing loss impacts people’s lives. The comprehensive study found that hearing aids keep you happy!

If you have hearing loss, it’s difficult to follow conversations, or understand what your loved ones are saying. Many adults with hearing loss find themselves asking people to repeat themselves, and still can’t understand what’s been said. This becomes a barrier to clear communication, and adults with hearing loss report feeling lonely or socially isolated. 

Wearing hearing aids can help you stay socially engaged, easily connect with loved ones, and keep you happy. Hearing devices may be tiny, but they can make all the difference in hearing. Wearing hearing aids will have a positive impact on your social life and your overall well being. 

Hearing Aids and Health

Professor Shield also explains how hearing aids keep you healthy. If you have hearing loss, it may be impacting you more than you realize, and making it difficult for you to stay healthy. Hearing loss is linked to more accidents and injuries, as well as higher rates of hospitalizations. Hearing loss makes it more difficult to drive safely, and many adults with hearing loss stay closer to home. 

Hearing aids can keep you healthy by making it easy to hear all the sounds around you. Not only will you hear the sounds in your environment, you will also easily identify where sounds are coming from. This will help keep you safe and healthy. You’ll hear the sound of a car coming up behind you, and be able to hear a warning shout from a coworker or friend, avoiding an accident or injury.

When you have hearing aids, you’ll also have more energy. Straining to hear leads to fatigue, and adults with hearing loss report high rates of fatigue. Before treating your hearing loss, you may spend all your evenings at home, completely exhausted. Hearing aids makes it easy to hear without using all your energy, and you’ll be more socially and physically active with hearing aids. 

Hearing Aids and Wealth

What do hearing aids have to do with wealth? A 2013 study published in The Hearing Journal shows that wearing hearing aids protects your earning potential. The study looked at how much adults earned, and found that adults with untreated hearing loss earned 25% less than adults who could hear clearly. Not only do hearing aids keep you happy and healthy, they can keep you wealthy as well!

If you have hearing loss, it can be harder to keep up at work. You ask coworkers to repeat themselves more often, and you risk making a mistake if you mishear instructions. You are more likely to be laid off, and those with hearing loss have a higher rate of unemployment than those who wear hearing aids.  

Hearing aids can keep you wealthy. When you can hear clearly at work, you’ll be able to perform your job to the best of your abilities. You may receive a promotion or a raise, and you’re less likely to be fired. Since hearing aids also keep you healthy, and lower your risk of an accident at work, you’re less likely to miss work, have to take time off, or fall behind your coworkers. 

It’s Time to Treat Your Hearing Loss

Don’t let your hearing loss affect your life. If you want to be happy, healthy, and wealthy, contact us to find out more about your hearing aid options. Whether you need a bit of help hearing at work or have a hard time hearing in a crowded restaurant, there’s a hearing aid for you. We have devices to suit every lifestyle, hearing need, and budget. It’s time to get back to clear hearing, and enjoy every moment of your life.