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What’s the most asked question for people with hearing loss? Casual conversations have yielded a similar response every time: What can the latest technology in hearing aids do for me?

Not surprisingly, there are no simple answers. These days, fitting hearing aids is more customized than fitting shoes—with a lot more options. Whiz-bang options that can streamline your future!

Kerry Hamm, Brenda Pottinger, and Ron Middleton are hearing specialists who are eager to demonstrate how hearing aids can now connect with smart phones, tablets, TV sets, and other audio options. All of these aid in better hearing in the most challenging environments—including busy restaurants and family gatherings.

What’s the advantage of wearing the latest and greatest? People with hearing loss don’t have to strain to hear while talking on a phone or listening to TV or music. The sound streams through their Bluetooth-paired hearing aids like a charm. They’re able to change the volume of sound easily and adjust it to the exact level they prefer without disturbing others. And the sounds come through both hearing aids in stereo. How cool is that!

Overall, people who try this technology are amazed at its high degree of clarity—and how much more confident it makes them feel. In fact, the latest technical advances have revolutionized the hearing care industry. Their versatility and quality can’t compare with the choices available only a few short years ago.

That’s why it’s important to “stream into the future” and try the newest devices.

Ron says, “Hearing aids use today’s technology to stay connected to the enjoyment of life. No more jacking up the TV volume or asking people to repeat themselves. The new hearing aids streamline the whole communication experience.”

Kerry demonstrates how remote microphones help with one-to-one conversations over distance, such as in lectures or noisy places such as restaurants. “Clipped onto another person’s clothing, the microphone transmits voice signals directly to your hearing aids up to sixty-six feet away,” he explained.

For anyone wanting to Stream into the Future, it’s as simple as calling Lifestyle Hearing Solutions at 520-639-8760 or 520-323-0099. Set up a time to come into a hearing center near you (at Oracle/Ina or Broadway/Wilmot). The latest and greatest technology will amaze you, too!

What questions do you have about the latest hearing technology? Ask them here or call Lifestyle at 520-639-8760 or 520-323-0099.


Kerry Hamm with Ron Middleton explain the future of streaming at a Lifestyle Hearing Solutions seminar.


Hearing Solutions professionals Ron, Kerry, and Travis welcome Oticon rep Lisa Huston for an educational seminar at its center near Oracle and Ina.