Preparing for the Holidays? Get Your Hearing Aids Ready, Too!

Preparing for the Holidays?

Get Your Hearing Aids Ready, Too!


During this holiday season, you may travel to another part of the country to spend this precious time with friends and loved ones. As you get ready to go, are your hearing aids ready for the season as well?

Because you want you hearing aids to perform the best during this time of year, keep these questions in mind:

  • Have you been in to see your hearing healthcare professional for a hearing aid check and cleaning?
  • Do you have plenty of batteries to pack and take with you?
  • Have you packed other helpful/essential items such as:
  • domes and wax guards
  • cleaning brush or toothbrush
  • wax cleaning tool
  • cleaning cloth
  • storage case
  • battery caddie(s)

If You’re Traveling By Air…

One more important thing if you’re traveling by air. When going through airport security, be sure to remove your hearing aids before walking through the x-ray body scanner. Why? The x-ray machines might cause a shift in the programming of your hearing aids.
Not sure you can believe this can happen? Come into Lifestyle Hearing Solutions and ask Byron Patton about his experience.
A few months ago while at the airport, Byron stepped through the x-ray body scanner. Afterward, he realized he forgot to remove his hearing aids. He actually heard a popping noise and thought nothing of it at the time. But after reaching his destination, he noticed his hearing aids didn’t perform as before. So when he returned home, he discussed the problem with Ron Middleton, who checked the programming in the hearing aids.
Lo and behold, the programming had changed–thanks to the x-ray machine. Fortunately for Byron and all Lifestyle patients, as a standard, Ron saves the most recent setting to the computer for all patients. Ron simply restored Byron’s previous settings and all was well.


A Good problem to Avoid

It’s better to avoid the problem Byron faced and take your hearing aids out first! However, if you notice any change in your hearing aid performance, please don’t hesitate to come in and see Ron. He can readily restore the settings–or adjust whatever you need.

At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we’re here for you!

We wish you and your loved ones the best holiday season ever. If you need batteries, cleaning and maintenance supplies, or well-cleaned hearing aids, stop by our center in Tucson. Or give us a call 520-323-0099 to schedule your checkup.

Safe Travels and have a Happy Holiday!