Why Purchasing a Hearing Aid Isn’t Like Buying a Pair of Glasses

What to expect when purchasing hearing aids

Why Purchasing a Hearing Aid Isn’t Like Buying a Pair of Glasses

Typically, you visit a Vision/Eyeglass Center every two or three years, get tested, and go through the selection and fitting process. Chances are, you’re able to get fitted in one sitting and happily walk out the door.

Your expectation for getting fitted with hearing aids at a Hearing Center may be similar however with hearing aids, you’re dealing with a much more complex scenario.

Think of today’s digital hearing aids as mini-computers in your ears, geared to improve your exact hearing loss. The analog variety simply magnified sound; digital technology can be modified with great precision.

Consider These Factors

After a thorough testing, your skilled hearing specialist determines your loss and programs the hearing aids selected for you. Adjustments involve factors such as:

* Your lifestyle (Do you go to public arenas such as concerts and churches? Do you eat in a noisy restaurants? Do you play sports or spend lots of time outdoors?)

* The kind of hearing loss you have (Is the loss in the low pitches? High Pitches? Different for each ear?)

* How long it takes for your brain to get used to wearing new or refurbished hearing aids.

* How much wax accumulation interferes with the performance of your hearing aids.

Weighing in on these factors requires skilled hearing specialist who become your best friends. At the beginning especially, you’ll visit three to six times to make sure all adjustments are working.

“I Don’t Want to Be a Bother”

Perhaps you think, “Oh I don’t want to be a bother” when you return to the Hearing Center for adjustments. If so, there’s no need. You’re visiting professionals who want to tailor your hearing aids to the changes you’re going through.

Be assured that this series of adjustments are normal. They make it possible for you to happily enjoys the sounds of life. It’s essential to adapting those mini-computers to your individual needs. And the bonus? You get your hearing aids cleaned and a cup of coffee, too!

At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, your visit is never a bother. We’re here to ensure taking steps to improve your hearing is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!