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Today’s advanced digital hearing aids get you back into the game of life

If you believe you have hearing loss or need new hearing aids, there’s great news! Hearing technology has undergone major advancements especially in the last few years and is the best it has ever been. Today’s digital technology eliminates feedback in most cases, makes it easier to hear in noisy environments, and more. All of this in devices that are tinier (some almost invisible), more comfortable, and more powerful than ever before.

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Comfort and Performance Combined

Chatting in noisy restaurants. Playing golf on windy days. Understanding the prattle of young grandchildren. Talking on the phone. Watching TV. Communicating with co-workers.

Hearing loss interferes with every aspect of life. Yet the issue isn’t simply to hear sounds. You need to clearly understand what people are saying, so you can participate in conversations without being shuttled to the sidelines. You want to hear better so you can experience life more.

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These are not your grandfather’s hearing aids!

Welcome to the 21st century, where your TV’s audio is streamed directly to your hearing aid, so you can hear your TV show loud and clear. No ambient noise competes with the signal streamed into your hearing aid. You can hear the actual sound of the TV show without it blaring. And if the phone rings? Your hearing aid automatically switches to the phone so you can comfortably hold a conversation—even hearing the high tones of young voices clearly.


Today’s digital-technology hearing aid features

  • Volume control (optional)
  • T-coils for telephone conversations and looping systems
  • Adjusted to your individual hearing needs
  • Digital noise reduction switch (in restaurants and other noisy environments)
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology that streams TV, radio, phone, cell phone, and iPod audio directly to your hearing aid
  • And much more
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A variety of solutions to meet your needs and budget

We invite you to learn about our reputable hearing instrument suppliers. Our practice fits the best hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers below. Read about their cutting-edge hearing instruments, then come back and set up your free hearing test and hearing aid consultation with Lifestyle Hearing Solutions of Tucson, Oro Valley & Chandler, AZ.

Hearing Aid Financing Available through CareCredit

We understand that this is an investment which may seem out of reach for some individuals on a fixed income. We are committed to providing affordable access to hearing aids for our patients, which is why we offer financing through CareCredit. To get pre-approved for a CareCredit financing, please click here. You’ll be taken to the CareCredit website where you can enter your information and instantly receive confirmation of approval.

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Did you know we offer rechargeable hearing aids?

Rechargeable hearing aids are more convenient, better for the environment, and more powerful. Have you been considering a wireless hearing aid?

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Batteries and hearing aid supplies

We also offer a wide range of Batteries & Hearing Aid Supplies at our practice. No appointment necessary, simply stop by to pick up whatever you need. We are happy to assist you in putting in new batteries or showing you new ways to clean and keep your hearing aids dry.

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Just getting started? Check out our quick guide to better hearing. Here we explain where to start and what to expect on your path to better hearing.

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