GN ReSound LiNX2 Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

LiNX2 Technology and Features

Packed with technological advancements and innovative features, the LiNX2 hearing aid provides wearers with a natural and comfortable listening experience. The LiNX2’s sound quality is achieved with two features, New Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense, both of which support the brain’s natural ability to process sounds, enabling wearers to hear with less effort. Spatial Sense helps wearers identify the source of sounds in their environment and better situate them within their surroundings. Both features improve speech recognition as well.

With Wide Dynamic Range Compression sound processing technology and Digital Feedback Suppression, the ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid processes sound at a fast speed, providing a clearer signal to the ears, while eliminating any distracting whistling or buzzing of feedback.

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Wireless Connectivity

The LiNX2 is designed as a Made for iPhone hearing aid, which opens up a world of accessibility for wearers. By connecting wirelessly to the iPhone, wearers may stream phone calls, FaceTime chats, music, and media directly to their ears.

Additionally, connection to the iPhone and ReSound Smart App gives wearers a seamless listening experience through the geo-tagging feature. The LiNX2 and iPhone app memorize wearer preferences in different locations and automatically re-adjust to these preferred settings as wearers return to saved locations.

The ReSound Smart App, which is controlled through the iPhone, allows wearers to customize speech focus, adjusting the width of the beam to clarify speakers’ words. It also provides customization for comfort in noise, which reduces background noise in loud environments, as well as comfort in wind to reduce wind noise.

For an extra boost, the iPhone may be used as an effective assistive listening device in challenging noise environments. The Live Listen feature turns the iPhone’s microphone into an amplifier, which feeds focused sounds directly to the hearing aid. This is useful in noisy situations where conversations may be difficult. LiNX2 may also be used as a TV accessory to stream stereo sound from the TV, utilizing the ReSound Unite family of wireless accessories.

LiNX2 Styles

The ReSound LiNX2 hearing aid has been designed to be discreet and durable, with a comfortable fit, achieved with a new SureFit. Coated in iSolate, a nanotech material, the LiNX2 stands up in a variety of elements, repelling dust, water, earwax, and sweat. Wearers may choose between behind-the-ear or receiver-in-the-ear wearing styles, as well as a customized fit for in-the-ear styles, ranging from completely-in-canal to invisible-in-canal to a full shell. The LiNX2 is also equipped with tinnitus therapy, Nature Sounds, to treat a ringing of the ears. LiNX2 hearing aids treat hearing loss that ranges from mild too profound in degrees.

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About the ReSound brand

Founded in 1943, GN ReSound is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids that strives to develop better solutions to help people rediscover hearing. With representation in 80 countries, ReSound draws upon a vast pool of resources to apply technology to real human situations. In 2014, ReSound produced the LiNX2, a Made for iPhone hearing aid which builds upon the successes of the first generation LiNX.

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