Introducing Oticon OPN:
An Open Sound Solution

OPN (pronounced “open”) is Oticon’s newest hearing aid, with improved features and functionality. Building upon the successes of BrainHearing Technology, OPN offers wearers 20% reduction in listening effort in noisy environments, 20% more capacity to remember in these challenging situations, and 30% better speech understanding and clarity in noise.

While traditional hearing aids block certain sounds and enhance others, OPN is an open sound solution, which means it captures the full spectrum of sound in any environment. By allowing the brain to choose, OPN provides wearers with rich sound and a more dynamic listening experience. The OPN is a mini receiver-in-canal style hearing aid.


Processing Platform

OPN is powered by Velox, an ultra-fast and precise platform. Velox processes sounds 50 times faster than previous Oticon hearing aid models, with a 64-band frequency resolution. Velox provides wearers with clear audio signals in any sound environment. With open sound, OPN wearers choose where to focus and the sounds they want to hear. This inclusivity provides wearers with a more natural listening experience, which empowers the brain and brings many cognitive benefits for those with hearing loss.


OpenSound Navigator
Environmental Analyzer

The OpenSound Navigator Environmental Analyzer is a new feature with OPN, which scans the listening environment 100 times per second, and analyzes and balances every sound. With a rich picture of sound, the OpenSound Navigator allows for background sounds to help situate wearers within their environment, while also enabling them to focus on the sounds they want to hear. From Oticon, “Users can now follow the sounds they want to hear and shift attention when desired. Surrounding sounds are available, but not intrusive so users can focus on the sounds they want to hear, even in noisy situations.”


TwinLink technology provides OPN with two wireless communication systems to increase accessibility for hearing aid wearers. The first is a feature which uses a near-field magnetic communication (NFMI) to simulate natural binaural hearing. TwinLink also uses Bluetooth to connect OPN to smartphones and other devices, which allows OPN wearers to stream music, phone calls, and other media to the hearing aid.

The World’s First Internet Connected Hearing Aid

OPN is the first hearing aid to directly connect to the Internet. Through the website, If This Then That (, OPN connects wearers to common sounds and devices used in daily life. By connecting wearers to sounds from doorbells to home alarm systems to baby monitors, OPN hearing aid wearers increase accessibility to the sounds of their life, keeping them connected and safe.

Other Features & Styles

Oticon OPN hearing aids build upon the technological advancements of BrainHearing Technology, providing wearers with an excellent listening experience. BrainHearing Technology offers four main features: Free Focus (which empowers wearers to choose where to focus their attention), YouMatic (which personalizes wearer’s listening experience), Speech Guard (which improves speech recognition), and Spatial Sound (which helps to situate wearers in their environment).


Oticon: Company Overview

Since 1904, the Danish manufacturer Oticon has strived to change the lives of those with hearing loss, with the mission “People first.” As the creator of BrainHearing Technology has changed the shape of hearing technology in the 20th century. Oticon collaborates with their sister institute, Ericksholm Research Centre, to conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups to receive feedback. This research is instilled in their newer innovations.

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