Signia Primax Hearing Aids

The latest brand of hearing aid by Sivantos, Signia, has recently unveiled Primax, the company’s most advanced hearing aid platform to date. The new combination of technologies in Primax has been the first in the industry to be clinically proven by independent studies to reduce listening fatigue and enhance ease of listening throughout the day, while providing better than normal hearing in challenging environments such as busy restaurants.

The new Primax technology utilizes 3 main components to achieve this vastly improved listening experience:

  • Effective Noise Reduction
  • Narrow-Band Directionality
  • Focused Amplification

Primax includes the following unique features:


Enhanced speech in every situation.

SpeechMaster is more than a single innovation. SpeechMaster is a collection of algorithms that analyze the acoustic environment and employs new, clinically proven technology that isolates the dominant speaker from surrounding noise and other speech in every situation. It is designed to effectively act as a conductor to orchestrate digital noise reduction, directionality, and amplification, making hearing conversations with clarity truly effortless.

HD Music

maximizing enjoyment for music lovers.

The new Primax platform features HD Music, a technology that takes full advantage of the high-frequency–enhancing 12 kHz extended bandwidth to enrich the sound quality of music. With three dedicated music programs that are uniquely designed to maximize the enjoyment of music, the wearer can expect the best possible sound, whether listening to recorded music at home, attending a concert, or even performing music.


improved phone conversations.

Designed for mobile phone users who prefer to hold phones to their ears, as opposed to using a hands-free option, this technology is compatible with all phones, whether Bluetooth®-enabled or not. When a magnetic signal is detected, the TwinPhone feature automatically transfers the acoustic phone signal to the contralateral aid via wireless link, which helps reduce listening effort on the phone. This is a potent solution for hearing aid wearers, as it allows binaural hearing during a phone conversation, similar to using over-the-ear headphones.


perfect for wearers with single-sided hearing loss.

For hearing aid users with single-sided deafness, Primax includes CROS and BiCROS solutions based on e2e wireless™ 3.0, which has set an industry benchmark for low energy consumption. A CROS Pure™ transmitter is worn behind the unaidable ear, and the sound signal is wirelessly transferred to the Primax hearing aid on the other side, thereby allowing the listener to hear sounds from both sides.


softens echoes for reduced listening effort.

EchoShield, analyzes both direct and reflected sounds, and ensures that softer reflections and reverberations are not over-amplified. The wearer will benefit from this feature in settings such as lecture halls, atriums, hallways, meeting rooms, and churches.

Signia Primax technology is available only in hearing aids co-branded Signia and Siemens, and will be offered in Pure™, Ace™, Motion™, and Insio™ custom hearing aids, available in three performance levels, 7px, 5px, and 3px.

We know that increased hearing effort can lead to hearing fatigue. By combining individual preferences with the finely-crafted balance of sound quality and audibility, Signia Primax delivers by reducing listening effort on all fronts.

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