Best Hearing Aids of 2015

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Best Hearing Aids of 2015 Year of the Hearable Dubbed by Entrepreneur magazine as “Year of the Hearable,” 2015 was a banner year for hearing aids. Beginning in January 2015, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a number of international hearing aid manufacturers introduced …

Siemens Binax Hearing Aid Technology

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About Siemens Binax Hearing Aids Siemens Binax hearing aids improve your hearing in restaurants, meetings and other noisy situations. Often times, difficulty understanding in noise is one of the very first symptoms recognized by people experiencing a hearing loss. This is because noisy environments tend to have …

Ear Candling for Earwax Removal | Does it Actually Work?

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Have you heard of ear candling? Ear Candling, also called Ear Coning or Thermal Auricular Therapy, is a popular method among natural health proponents for earwax removal. There is no doubt that it has been practiced for centuries across several cultures. There are references in …