Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Protecting your hearing in a noise filled world

If you live in America today, you can’t avoid the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In your everyday activities, you’re exposed to a variety of noise-makers–be it running a vacuum cleaner, attending a concert, or shooting a gun recreationally. In the process, you can damage one of your most precious senses–your hearing.

How much damage are you risking? Let me explain by saying sound is measured in decibels. On the decibel scale, an increase of 10 means that a sound you hear has increased by 10 times. That means the human ear would perceive a sound that’s jumped by 10 decibels to be twice as loud as before. Consider that the drone of heavy traffic is about 85 decibels, while the sharp sound of shooting a gun can be as loud as 170 decibels. Any repeated exposure to these loud noises will definitely affect your hearing., but there’s something you can do about it without giving up noise-producing activities.

Noises categorized by Decibels

Which of these noises affect you most? Pay attention to those with the highest decibel levels. Being exposed to them regularly means you’re risking your hearing health.

  • Clap of Thunder= 120 decibels(Serious Danger)
  • Car Horn= 90 decibels
  • Car Radio= 70 decibels(Risk Begins)
  • Alarm Clock= 80 decibels(Risk begins with exposure over 8 hours)

You’ve heard the expression “here today; gone tomorrow.” well, if you have good hearing today, it could be gone tomorrow if you don’t protect it.

Proper Ear Protection Helps Preserve Your Hearing

If you’re continually exposed to high levels of noise (and almost everyone is), it’s time to learn how to protect your hearing–especially when you’re shooting guns and even when you’re attending music concerts.
Hearing professionals are trained to assist you with hearing aids if you need them. But hearing aids can’t prevent hearing damage; they can only enhance the hering you have. That’s why we encourage you to protect your hearing while you still have it.

Your hearing is here today. Make sure it’s not gone tomorrow.

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