How Music Can Help Shape the Future of Hearing Health

How Music Can Help Shape the Future of Hearing Health

If we watch technology development, we can get a good sense of the new frontiers of consumer demand. Development and demand tend to go hand-in-hand, so watching one can let us know more about the other. When it comes to tech developments in health, we can learn a lot about not only what is possible but also what individuals desire for their wellbeing. Health technology is advancing quickly, and one of the new frontiers of healthcare comes from audio technology. How does music and audio technology integrate with your health needs? A few recent developments can help us understand not only what is possible but also what consumers desire in their comprehensive health plan.


Portable Audio and Health Data


Portable audio from smartphones and other audio devices make it possible to bring music and other media as part of your active lifestyle. Fitness programs often rely on this audio for inspiring music and also instructional voices to guide the plan. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity are a powerful development of recent years. These devices make it possible to listen to audio while exercising, biking, commuting, and in other mobile contexts. Although wireless headphones are quite useful, many of the latest hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, as well. If you have hearing loss, you can use this connectivity to integrate music and other audio into your active life. Many smartphones can track health data, and integrating with watches or wireless headphones makes it possible to monitor heart rate and breathing, as well. Collecting and interpreting this health data is essential information for healthcare providers and primary care physicians.


Non-Pharmaceutical Audio Therapy


If we watch technology development, we can see that consumers are demanding more non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental health support. These technologies take many forms, but audio technology makes it possible to integrate meditation programs and relaxation music into your daily life. New platforms are being developed every day to provide mindfulness breaks in the workday, guided meditations or self-help audio, and relaxing audio to support a calm and alert state of mind. Some of the latest mindfulness apps use binaural audio to provide calming stimuli and audio for those who suffer from anxiety. Matching music with mental health needs is a complex process, and many users benefit from having a variety of options when it comes to the algorithmic suggestions for music and audio. These additional audio apps can supplement music streaming services to find the right audio profile for your mental health needs.


New Technology and Wellness


Some users wonder about the connection between wellness and new technology, preferring a lifestyle that has less tech assistance. These users might be hesitant to adopt new technology, worrying that it will bring more stress into their lives rather than relieving the stressors they already experience. As with any technology, adoption can take time, and the first phase of use can feel like an additional hassle. When it comes to music, audio, and wellness technology, some people think it is not worth the hassle to integrate this new system into their existing lifestyles.


Although the process takes a different amount of time for each person, there are ways to assist the process of technology adoption. When it comes to hearing aids, some people find the first use to be disorienting and even annoying. Rather than working like eyeglasses that suddenly bring the world into sharp focus, hearing aids can require some practice to become comfortable. If you are interested in hearing assistance but worry about the learning curve with a new technology, our hearing health professionals are here to assist your journey. At your fitting appointment, we will not only give you advice about integrating your aids slowly into your lifestyle, but we can also give you training tips and pointers going forward. If you find that your new aids are difficult to use after a slow integration process, be sure to contact us for further support. Rather than neglecting to use them, you might have an issue with fit or function that we can address. Getting hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity is yet another way to integrate music into your wellness program.