No Longer Like Grandpa Used to Wear

Hearing Aids – Smaller and More Discreet

No Longer Like Grandpa Used to Wear!


Are you getting pressure from your loved ones about repeating themselves too much?

Do you find yourself turning up the volume on everything electronic in your home?

Do you shy away from getting a hearing aid because the one Grandpa wore looked awful-and you don’t know what alternatives you have?

Well, the first two questions address the clues that perhaps “it’s time” to improve your ability to hear.  The third question, though, doesn’t need to cause you stress.  Just like shopping for quality items that will serve your lifestyle for a long time, you simply need to explore options and learn more about them.

This is a good starting point.

Types of Hearing Aids

In broad terms, you’d choose between analog (old technology) and digital (new technology).  And there’s a world of difference between the two!

For a range of versatility and effectiveness, digital hearing aids should be your number one choice.  They are adjusted through computer programs.  Because of this ability to fine-tune settings, they can make your hearing infinitely better.  You can even adjust them yourself, depending on your needs.  For example, at a table in the restaurant, you can reduce noises behind you, allowing you to hear the conversations at your table.  Your Grandfather never had that option!

Style of Hearing Aid

Regarding style, digital get the nod over analog options.  In fact, the newest digital hearing aid get smaller all the time.  They fit in the ear canal, making them barely visible.  Others also fit into the canal but they may not go in as deeply and could be slightly visible.  Older styles such as a behind the ear style, were big and very visible.

Again, technical advancements give you a wider range of choices than ever before.  Just forget about the clunky ones your grandpa had to wear-“next to invisible” is now possible.

Quality of Hearing Aids

Even if you’re tempted to buy the least expensive hearing aids on the market, think twice.  Be sure to weigh the advantages in the types and styles that are available today.  At least give the latest technology a try when you’re shopping around for the best value.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions offers you a variety of styles that will make your investment pay for itself in lifestyle benefits.  For the quality that fits your own style, come in and see the array of options available.  You’ll find a lot more than your grandfather had to choose from!