Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Tucson and Oro Valley

At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we are excited to offer our patients rechargeable hearing aids from Siemens. Most people would agree that rechargeable batteries are a wonderful invention. Now that same technology is available for your hearing aid batteries as well! This is going to be far more convenient for you, better for the environment and offer more reliable power for your hearing aids. Have you been considering a wireless hearing aid? See below how rechargable batteries might be just what you’ve been looking for.

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The Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries


Remember the last time you fumbled around trying to change the tiny batteries on your hearing aid? That was after having to go to the store to buy the batteries. Who has time for all those extra details? Luckily for you, the solution is an easy change to make. The Siemens eCharger and other systems like it, will help to simplify your busy life. Being super easy to use, just place your Pure or Motion hearing aids in the eCharger before bed and 6 hours later you and your hearing aids are ready for another day. No more losing power when you need it most.

Better For The Environment

Think for just a second about all of the hearing aid batteries you’ve purchased this year alone. When those die, they end up in a landfill somewhere. That adds up fast! With rechargable batteries, you’ll need just one pair for the whole year. This beats buying 52 or more pairs every year just to keep your hearing aids in proper working order. This simple change to sustainable power will help to preserve the environment for the next generation to enjoy. Often times, these rechargeable batteries can be recycled as well. Way to go green!

Reliable Power

There’s never a good time to lose power in your hearing aids. With 18 hours of continuous energy, you’ll have no need to carry around spare batteries. This system also provides a drying function while it charges to protect the electronic components from humidity and moisture damage in order to ensure reliable power for years to come.

Rechargeable Wireless Hearing Aids

Surely you’ve heard about hearing aids moving in a wireless direction. This would allow your hearing device to sync with a smartphone, your television and even a music player. Taking advantage of these wireless connections is going to drain your hearing aid batteries far faster than you might be used to. By setting your hearing aid in the charger at night you’ll no longer need to worry about opening the pull tab on the back, waiting and listening for beeps. (Was that one beep or two?) All the accessories on the market to help you change the batteries will no longer be needed. If yours or your spouse’s dexterity is not as great as it used to be, this rechargeable battery system could help you avoid the common frustrations that accompany the traditional disposables.

With all of these advances in technology, it seems like recharable batteries for your hearing aids, as well as many other electronic devices, will become the industry standard!

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