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ReSound has been constantly striving to develop better hearing solutions since 1943. They design hearing aids with people in mind, ensuring that their hearing aids offer tangible life improvements to their customers. Original thinking and design, combined with solid technological implementation, have made ReSound one of the world’s most award-winning hearing aid companies. Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it with ReSound.

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprints. With ReSound ONE, you’ll get our most natural-sounding hearing aid that allows your unique ear structure to help provide sound the natural way. Featuring a two-microphone setup to deliver excellent sound localization in any environment, smart technology to optimize speech comprehension in even the most demanding situations, and remote hearing care via the ReSound Assist Live video calling app, ReSound ONE is among the very best options today for quality hearing support.

  • M&RIE - “Microphone & Receiver In Ear” provides greater direction and depth than other hearing aids, meaning a less-taxing listening experience as you move through environments
  • Design - Sleek BTE form factor available in 8 colors. Included charger and premium on-the-go charger have both been thoughtfully designed to appear at home on any desk or nightstand
  • Ultra Focus - Activating Ultra Focus lets you laser in on the sound directly in front of you, greatly improving one-on-one conversation experiences in noisy environments
  • All Access Directionality - Automatically adjusts to the ways you listen, making listening effortless in any situation
  • Rechargeability & Connectivity - Up to 3 days of quick-charging with the premium on-the-go charger, Bluetooth connectivity, and smart apps to keep you in control and in the know
ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro

The world’s most advanced rechargeable hearing solution, the LiNX Quattro offers a hearing experience beyond compare. LiNX Quattro is a full line of high-end hearing products in a range of styles to fit every need. Offering direct streaming connections to iPhone and Android devices, fantastic sound quality, and smart app connection to your hearing healthcare professional for easy fine-tuning adjustments from anywhere, ReSound LiNX Quattro has a high-quality option for just about everyone.

  • Clear, distortion-free reproduction of speech in any environment
  • Access to a fuller range of sounds and nuances of tone that were previously unavailable
  • Convenient Bluetooth streaming from any capable device with no intermediary devices
  • Pocket-size charging on the go
  • Receiver-in-ear (RIE), Behind-the-ear (BTE) and custom-crafted styles
ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound ENZO Q

ENZO Q offers clear, comfortable, high-quality sound reproduction for severe-to-profound hearing loss. Suitable for use in group settings and noisy environments, every measure has been taken to ensure that ENZO Q provides the best hearing support possible. ENZO Q also offers extensive connectivity options, integrating well even with cochlear implants. Feedback control ensures there won’t be any whistling, even when the volume is set high.

  • High output without painful or distracting background sounds
  • Automatic adjustment to reduce the volume of background sounds while still keeping them audible
  • Automatic reduction of especially loud, jarring sounds, ensuring listening is comfortable even when objects are dropped or audience applause begins
  • Direct streaming from Bluetooth devices ensures clear, comfortable, high-quality sound reproduction in any situation
  • Easy-to-connect wireless accessories available for improvement of intelligibility in even more situations
  • Available in High Power and Super Power configurations
  • 13 color options
ReSound Key

ReSound Key

ReSound’s entry-level hearing aid, Key offers excellent sound quality, multiple design options, rechargeable batteries with up to 30 hours of use from a single charge, direct streaming from Bluetooth devices, and a smart app for individualizing your experience.

  • Built on ReSounds Organic Hearing philosophy, providing crystal clear sound quality
  • Wide range of styles, from Invisible-in-canal (IIC) to high-power behind-the-ear (BTE)
  • 30 hours on a single charge
  • Premium charger case with on-board battery offers 3 additional charges without a wall outlet
  • Remote care options in the ReSound smart app let you stay in touch with your hearing healthcare professional and make fine adjustments on the go
  • Conveniently adjust your fitment for a wide range of situations using the Smart 3D app, for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android.

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