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About Siemens Binax Hearing Aids

Siemens Binax hearing aids improve your hearing in restaurants, meetings and other noisy situations.

Often times, difficulty understanding in noise is one of the very first symptoms recognized by people experiencing a hearing loss. This is because noisy environments tend to have a lot of low frequency energy, which can make the high frequencies sounds (needed for clarity) more difficult to pick up. This collection of low frequencies masking out the high frequencies is an audiological phenomenon known as the upward spread of masking.

Basically what happens is that the background noises found in noisier environments are exactly the sounds that overpower more important sounds like voices! To make matters worse, most people with sensorineural hearing loss will typically have a much greater hearing loss in the high frequencies causing difficulties understanding speech cues. Between the high frequency hearing loss and the upward spread of masking, noisy situations like a restaurant can become unbearable for those dealing with a hearing impairment.

Recently, Siemens Hearing has come out with a new hearing aid platform that addresses the challenge that people with hearing loss have specifically within noisy environments. Built on their 3rd generation of e2e (ear-to-ear) technology, these amazing hearing aids address the biggest challenge to those with a hearing loss in a powerful way. In fact, according to two studies, the Siemens Binax hearing aids allow some people with a hearing loss to hear better than normal hearing individuals in challenging listening situations. It achieves these groundbreaking results through a number of exciting features.

Binax Technology

Helping you focus on what’s important

You may have noticed that many of today’s modern hearing aids are equipped with directional microphones for improved understanding. These microphone systems allow the hearing aids to “focus” on the sound in front of you to help you understand the sounds in your environment a bit easier. Narrow band directionality takes this technology one step further by forming a beam and narrowing it towards a very small range in front of the person wearing the Binax aids. This allows the hearing aid to essentially “ignore” noise being generated around the patient and ensures a higher level of speech understanding in previously difficult listening environments.

Spatial Speech Focus

The spatial speech focus feature in the Binax hearing platform allows the hearing aids to focus on speech, regardless of where the sound is being generated from. Incredibly, it does this automatically while suppressing the background noise at the same time. For example, if you are driving in the car and you have a guest in the back seat talking, the speech focus feature would allow to the system to give preference to the speech coming from behind. As you can imagine, this makes car rides less stressful for everyone involved.

Better than normal hearing?

Siemens-binax-hearing-aids-tuscon-az-300x228The effectiveness of Binax technology was clinically proven by two separate studies- one by the University of Northern Colorado and the other by the Hearing Center at the University of Oldenburg. These independent studies compared the hearing of Binax wearers with a mild or moderate hearing loss against those with verified normal hearing in cocktail party situations. In these studies, those patients who wore Binax hearing aids experienced up to a 2.9dB improvement in Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT), which correlates to a 25% improvement in speech understanding.

Siemens Binax Hearing Aids in Tucson, AZ

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