The Siemens eCharger

So you’re at the store when the beeping starts. You know what I’m talking about. The beep in your ear to tell you that the battery on your hearing aid is about to die…again. You grab the carrots you need for dinner and pick up the batteries by the register. That’s when it occurs to you just how many batteries you’ve bought and thrown away this year alone. Those thrown out batteries don’t just decompose. They pile up in a landfill somewhere. They leach chemicals into the ground water. You vow to find a better way. Here it is.

You can recharge your cell phone, the flashlight, your laptop and even your electric car, so why not your hearing aid? The people at Siemens asked themselves that very same question. That was the inspiration behind the eCharger. 

More than Just a Charger

With a name like Siemens, obviously you won’t get just a charger. This rechargeable battery system is also one of the industry leading hearing aid drying units. You know that you can’t get your hearing aids wet and that you shouldn’t store them in the bathroom, so why not take that a step further? Allow the eCharger to actively dry and protect the electrical components that make your hearing aid so awesome. In just six hours, the indicator light will tell you that your batteries are ready for another busy day.

Easy to Use

It’s late, you’re tired and yet you know you need to change the batteries in your hearing aid so you don’t have to fuss with it in the morning. Have they always been this small? They seem smaller tonight, more difficult to work with. Not anymore! With the eCharger you simply place your hearing aids in the unit and consider it done. No need to open the battery door or wait for the beep, nothing standing between you and a good night’s sleep.

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Reliability & Advanced Technology

The last thing you need on a day like this is to have to worry about your hearing aid batteries dying. You don’t have time for this, people are counting on you, so you count on your eCharger. There’s never a good time for your hearing aid battery to die. When you’ve charged with the eCharger, you can depend on about 18 hours of active listening power without failing when you need it most. Not with over 52 batteries either. You only need one set to power your year.

Sure, at work you sync your hearing aid to the desk phone and you’re good to go, but what about at home? You can enable your hearing aid to work with your television set, your iPhone and a myriad of other devices. How cool is that?! But it takes a toll on your battery life. The more you expect from your hearing aid, the more you have to put in to it. Consider the eCharger that input so you can get the most out of your hearing aid.

The Siemens eCharger allows you to stop buying and throwing away batteries, dries and protects your hearing aids while you sleep and eliminates the need to carry extra batteries everywhere you go. If there ever was a win-win scenario, this is it!

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