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Signia knows that you’re looking for the right tools and support to do what matters most to you. With Signia, you don’t have to settle for average: you can get the hearing support you need to be brilliant in today’s fast-paced world. One of the leading hearing aid brands worldwide, Signia is committed not just to correcting hearing loss, but to helping you hear better than ever with cutting-edge technology and a range of styles for every lifestyle and need.

Signia Styletto X

Signia Styletto X

A perfect combination of award-winning design, rechargeability and excellent sound quality, Styletto X is transforming the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear™. With a slim, graceful design and 5 colors to select from, Styletto X sets a new bar in fashion and comfort. The Styletto Connect on-the-go charging case gives you easy charging in a slim, sturdy case even when you’re away from an outlet.

  • World’s first SLIM-RIC design
  • Rechargeable batteries and on-the-go charging for up to 3 days without needing an outlet
  • Signia Assistant lets you easily adjust your fitment program as you move between environments
  • Signia Xperience chip provides optimal sound and the best speech comprehension even in noisy environments
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Signia Pure

Signia Pure

Signia’s Pure line of hearing aids offers great all-around support for a variety of hearing needs. High-tech and discreet, Pure hearing aids sit comfortably behind your ears and offer crystal clear sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, music and television audio. With a range of options to meet the needs of any lifestyle and degree of hearing support, the Pure series has something for everyone.

  • Small, personalized and capable of direct streaming
  • Rechargeable, simplified, and long-lasting options available
Signia Motion X

Signia Motion X

Signia’s Motion X series lets you perform your best in every situation. Featuring motion sensors like those in your cell phone, Motion X tracks your movement throughout your day to automatically provide the best hearing support for every situation, even as you move. With sleek design for an excellent fit, Motion X features rechargeable batteries that last up to an incredible 61 hours on a single charge.

  • Signia Xperience sound engine for superior sound quality
  • Motion and sound detectors automatically change programs as you move through different environments
  • Enhanced speech understanding
  • Bluetooth connection for phone calls, music, television and more
  • Signia Assistant app helps optimize sound in real time, as well as connect directly with your hearing healthcare professional
  • Available in a range of styles for every need
Signia Silk X

Signia Silk X

When discretion is important, Signia Silk X offers a powerful option in a virtually invisible package that sits inside your ear. Adaptable, soft-silicone Click Sleeves provide a level of comfort previously only available with custom housings.

  • Small and discreet
  • Control via smart app
  • Signia’s TeleCare remote support keeps you connected to your hearing healthcare professional when you need them
  • Signia Xperience sound offers crystal clear sound reproduction and excellent speech comprehension wherever you find yourself
  • Instant fit with comfortable silicone sleeves, so there’s no wait time as with custom molds

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