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Lifestyle Hearing Solutions of Tucson and Oro Valley, Arizona has a highly skilled staff of state-licensed professionals dedicated to helping you enjoy the sounds of life. At Lifestyle, you’ll receive the hearing solution that’s right for you—with the best possible comfort and performance. Our patient-oriented approach has resulted in hundreds of happy clients over the years. We value our patients and appreciate the referrals of family and friends! See below for testimonials from our past patients.

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hearing specialists in tucson
“My hearing had deteriorated to a point that I avoided phones and was always asking people to repeat themselves. It even affected my ability to communicate with my boss and patients, and I was on the verge of quitting, because hearing is so vital in my job. Getting hearing aids made a humongous difference in all aspects of my life. I got back into life! Now I’m more social with my family including phone conversations. And my job is secure. Lifestyle Hearing Solutions’ service, teaching approach, and follow-up are phenomenal.”U., Tucson
“Thank you for a very positive experience in buying my first hearing aid. From the start, I knew I was in good hands. Ron gave me a thorough and accurate hearing test. Instead of being rushed into a buying decision, he encouraged me to use a demo for a few days. Hearing in noisy rooms and restaurants is no longer a problem. And I’m so glad he suggested wearing hearing aids on the tennis court! Now I can hear the other players, my partner, the ball hitting the racquet, and the sound of the bounce. It puts me in a better position to hit my returns and has improved my game.”M., Tucson
“Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for my hearing aids. I never knew what I was missing. After getting my new hearing aids, I was at home on my patio and jumped when I heard a strange noise. It was a bird! I can now enjoy the laughter of my grandchildren and the voices of my friends and family. Thank you for this special gift.”P., Tucson
“Because I was unemployed and homeless, I could not get new hearing aids which I had qualified for the Starkey Foundation to receive new ones. I had just started a work program which gave me restricted hours. I had called around to see who could help me understand the forms I had. With Sullivan Jackson’s help and Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, I am able to not only hear but to understand what is going on around me. Lifestyle is part of my recovery to get myself back on track to living my life. Thank you for being so incredibly awesome! You take such good care of people to restore their faith in life.”Elizabeth, Tucson
“With my old hearing aids, hearing was such a struggle. It was difficult to converse with others, background noise interfered, and my hearing aids constantly required adjustment. It was a discouraging situation. I almost gave up hope of ever hearing well again. I decided to see what Lifestyle Hearing Solutions could do for me. The people at Lifestyle are wonderful. I feel they have taken a personal interest in me, and they thoroughly know their business. My new hearing aids have been a big help in overcoming my depression and maintaining a positive attitude. They’re very comfortable, and I hardly know I’m wearing them. Now I’m able to enjoy TV programs and listen to the radio in the car. And I can hear birds singing again!”R., Wilcox
“As my husband’s hearing got worse, I watched him get more depressed, isolated, and withdrawn. I missed the vibrant person he used to be and was frustrated that I couldn’t help. I encouraged him to go to Lifestyle Hearing Solutions and look into their new hearing aids. Now, we’re keeping up with the newer technology, and he can hear again! The payment plan is working well for us but, bottom line, how can you put a price on hearing? Our family is so grateful. It’s nice to see him smile again. Simply put, I’ve got my husband back!”V., Wilcox

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How 3 Lifestyle clients got back into the game of life!

Tennis player greatly improved her hearing – and her game

An active 70-year-old, Marian knew she had hearing challenges. She struggled with phone conversations, particularly with high-pitched voices. Noisy environments were so difficult, she practically gave up eating out. An avid doubles tennis player, her tennis game suffered in silence.

Despite these challenges, Marian did not address her hearing needs for many years. She thought hearing aids were ugly. She thought they would fall off in the middle of a tennis match. And she thought they might make a squealing noise and embarrass her.

Although skeptical, Marian still had to do something about her hearing loss.

She took advantage of Lifestyle Hearing Solutions’ free hearing exam, consultation, and fitting. We talked at length about her misconceptions regarding the look of hearing aids. (Today, most are small and discreet, some practically invisible.) And we explained that advanced digital hearing aids, correctly adjusted, provides top performance without emitting feedback.

After discussing options with Marian, we fitted her with a comfortable hearing aid that supported her desire to play tennis. The next morning, wearing a demo hearing aid, Marian played doubles and called us to share her experience. She happily reported she could hear her partner’s banter, the players’ comments across the net, the ball hitting her opponent’s racket, and the ball bouncing off the court’s surface. All these auditory clues improved her timing and immediately improved her game.

On and off the court, Marian is thrilled with her new hearing aid.

hearing specialists in tucson

hearing specialists in tucson

Wearing outdated hearing aids, minister couldn’t communicate with his flock

Robert felt despair and was losing hope. An ordained minister with a medium-size congregation in Wilcox, Arizona, Robert’s very old hearing aids simply weren’t performing. As his hearing loss declined, he became withdrawn, isolated, and depressed.

As a minister, Robert touches a lot of lives. Not surprisingly, Robert’s hearing loss was having a profound impact on his quality of life as well as his ability to support his congregation. Once a vibrant, dynamic leader, Robert’s life was shrinking.

One day, Robert’s wife came in and talked with us about her husband’s situation. What could she do to help? We were confident the new digital hearing aids could work for Robert, and we urged her to set an appointment.

After a thorough hearing exam, we counseled the couple on the advanced technologies now available. We fit Robert with a new set of hearing aids as well as wireless Bluetooth equipment that streams phone calls and the audio for radio and TV directly into his hearing aids. He could hear perfectly clear sound.

Armed with his new technology, Robert headed out for a “test drive.” The result? Robert’s wife reported that, practically overnight, he seemed like a young man again – vibrant, engaged, at ease with others. Robert reported his new hearing aids helped him maintain a positive attitude and overcome his depression, making a profound difference in his quality of life and in his ministry.

If you can’t hear well, your job can be at risk (just ask Irene!)

Irene was teetering on the brink of job loss due to hearing loss.

In her late 50s, Irene is an experienced expert in the medical field whose responsibilities include transporting patients. Entrusted with their safety, Irene knows it’s imperative to hear them well. If a patient has a seizure while in her care, she must be able to quickly get help. Plus she has to hear radio dispatchers, cell phone calls, and traffic noise clearly all the time.

One day, Irene’s manager gave her an ultimatum: Address your hearing loss or lose your job.

Not completely sideswiped by this, Irene had to admit her hearing was getting worse. At home, she avoided telephone calls. For example, when the phone rang, she allowed the answering machine to record a message and listened to the message repeatedly. Then she’d call the person and bluff her way through a brief conversation. She avoided social activities with friends in noisy restaurants. She also put up with some family members teasing her about not hearing. These all contributed to her feeling excluded and isolated.

When Irene came to Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we conducted a thorough hearing exam and workup, then spent time bringing her up to speed on today’s technology. Given her need to communicate on cell phones and radios, she immediately embraced the wireless Bluetooth system. It streams stereo sound from electronic devices directly into her hearing aids.

Irene’s hearing improved immediately, which boosted her confidence. Today, she’s thriving in her job and totally enjoys phone conversations and outings with her friends and family—who don’t tease her anymore.

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