What Technology Raises the Bar on Better Hearing

What Technology Raises the Bar on Better Hearing

Hearing technology is getting better each and every year. When you think about hearing devices, you might still be imagining those clunky hearing aids that seemed to cover the ear, amplified sounds without creating clear hearing, and whistled or buzzed far too often.

Modern devices have come a long way, and the sleek, sophisticated devices we want to show you are not only attractive but life changing. At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions we’re excited to share the best new technology that’s raising the bar when it comes to treating hearing loss. That’s why we’re inviting you to an exciting event on May 8 to learn about the best new hearing devices on the market!

Introducing Opn S from Oticon

If you or a loved one are concerned with hearing loss, now is the time to learn more about your hearing health and discuss treatment options. We know you want the best in sound quality, so come learn about the newest hearing technology from Oticon! The Opn S builds on Oticon’s brain hearing technology, working with the brain to help you hear and focusing on how your brain processes sounds as well as how the cells in your ear process what you hear. Speech enhancement technology amplifies the important sounds, and reduces background noise. This allows you to listen naturally with the least amount of listening effort.

The Opn S hearing aid, Oticon’s best hearing device to date, is a marvel of hearing technology, pushing the boundaries of natural hearing further than ever before. Join Lifestyle Hearing Solution’s guest audiologist Lisa Huston on May 8 as she explains how this state-of-the-art technology will revolutionize the way you hear. Huston is a Doctor of Audiology and Technology Specialist Oticon, and no one can tell you more about Opn than she can.


Balancing Sound

One of the biggest problems for hearing aid wearers is in balancing the sounds around you. When you’re struggling to hear, you lose the ability to distinguish between important speech sounds you want to focus on, and all those distracting background noises you’re trying to shut out. The new Opn S from Oticon will help you hear in noisy environments, and not feel challenged. Opn S raises the bar in what you can expect from hearing technology, and this next-generation microchip provides balance like never before, analyzing the sounds that are all around you, not just in front of you, and gives you a balanced, effortless listening experience. You will enjoy natural sound and speech understanding on a level that’s never been achieved before with hearing devices, rivaling the speech clarity of normal hearing.

Freedom from Disposable Batteries

The Opn S from Oticon raises the bar when it comes to batteries, and you can say goodbye to the tiny batteries that need replacing every few days. Tired of fiddling with the battery doors, and struggling to replace the small batteries? Opn S features a powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will take away all your stress. You’ll never run out of power during an important meeting, in the car on the way home from work, or when you’re out with friends. You’ll be guaranteed a full day of hearing, audio streaming, and easily navigating difficult listening environments, all with full power. Simply place the hearing aids on the charger overnight, and you’ll wake up to a day of clear hearing, every day.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions

Are you ready to do the right thing for your hearing health? Don’t settle for life with muffled sounds and poor communication with your friends and loved ones. At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we’re dedicated to giving you the best in hearing, and we want you to discover the latest hearing devices from some of our favorite manufacturers. Opn users say “Our hearing is more natural sounding than before. And no more itty-bitty batteries!” On June 12th, come to the Opn Café Demo Day and hear Lisa Huston explain how these incredible devices deliver more natural hearing than current hearing aids. Ask all your questions, and get the best answers from an expert.

Call us today to reserve a spot for you and your loved one, and discover all the ways Lifestyle Hearing Solutions can change your world.