Better Hearing and Speech Month reminds us to enjoy our hearing – and protect it!


Better Hearing and Speech Month reminds us to enjoy our hearing…and protect it!

As an invisible disability, hearing loss is often left just that… invisible. To combat this reality, the American Speech and Hearing Association has designated May as Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM). A primary goal of this month is to raise awareness about treatment options available to those with a hearing loss.

This year the theme of Better Hearing and Speech Month is early intervention. At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we are proud to support this annual event and this year we want to tell you about the importance of early intervention for hearing loss in older Americans.

Thought of as just another complication for people as they get older, hearing loss is very often left untreated for far too long. In fact,  the average amount of time those with a hearing loss wait to seek help is 7 years! A joint study performed by the American Association of Retired People (AARP) and the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) showed a significant amount of Baby Boomers suffer from untreated hearing loss.

Early intervention is recommended as it reduces the risk of potential negative side affects connected with hearing loss including social isolation, cognitive decline, balance issues and more.

If you are starting to notice signs or symptoms of a hearing impairment in yourself or a loved one, scheduling a free hearing test with a local hearing professional is a convenient way to get the help you need and the care you require.

With discreet hearing aid designs and advanced digital technology, Baby Boomers can feel confident that there is a hearing aid that fits their lifestyle.

If you are unsure if you are experiencing signs of a hearing loss, we’ve outlined a few of the symptoms below.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the most renowned health care institutions in the world, signs and symptoms of hearing often include;

  • Often asking other people to speak more clearly, slowly, and loudly;
  • Muffling of speech and many other sounds;
  • Difficulty hearing consonants;
  • Trouble hearing and understanding words, particularly when background noise is present or the listener is part of a crowd of people;
  • Adjusting television or music to increased sound levels; and
  • Avoiding social situations and/or not taking part in conversations.

Adding to the list of signs and symptoms of hearing loss are the following from the Hearing Loss Association of America,

  • Have difficulty hearing on the phone;
  • You are unable to hear your alarm clock;
  • Think other folks mumble; and
  • You are unable to hear people behind you speak to you.

When to See a Hearing Specialist in Tucson

We invite you to schedule a free hearing test with one of our Arizona licensed hearing professionals if you are concerned that you may have a hearing loss. Noting certain patterns in your life can help signal you that a hearing examination is necessary.

Your hearing ability could be deteriorating especially if;

  1. You have difficulty understanding everything said in a conversation, particularly while there is background noise,
  2. Things you hear seem muffled
  3. Listening to the radio, music or television requires that you raise the volume beyond what others are comfortable with

Why wait to schedule an appointment? Putting off a visit to your local Arizona hearing specialist only prolongs your discomfort and decreases your quality of life. At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions you always receive a comfortable, professionally administered hearing examination from a team that truly cares!

If a hearing test shows that you do in fact have a hearing loss, our experienced hearing professionals can make a recommendation for a hearing aid model that matches your lifestyle and budget – all at an affordable price.

We invite you to celebrate National Hearing and Speech Month by making an appointment for your hearing test today!

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