Questions about Your New Hearing Aids Answered

Questions about Your New Hearing Aids Answered

If you are the new owner of hearing aids, congratulations! Getting the assistance you need with your hearing will have benefits for not only your communication ability and enjoyment of the sonic environment but also for your health and wellbeing. Once you have your new aids in hand, you might wonder what you can do to make the transition easier, and there are a few basic answers that can guide you on your way. When you have a sense of what to expect from your aids, you can set yourself up for success to get the most out of them. 

How long is the adjustment period?

As you might know, putting in hearing aids is not quite like putting on a new pair of glasses. Whereas glasses can bring the world into immediate focus, it can take more time for our ears to adjust to what they hear. You will likely hear sounds that had long been missing from your sonic understanding, so it can take some time to adjust. Many people adjust within a matter of days, while others require weeks to fully adjust. If you find that you are still uncomfortable wearing your hearing aids after a few weeks, don’t hesitate to contact our offices. It is possible that you have an issue with the fit or settings on your aids, and we are here to help. 

What is the best way to adjust?

We recommend wearing your hearing aids for the first time in a secure, quiet setting. Putting in your aids for the drive home can even be dangerous, particularly if you are shocked by the volume of an emergency siren. Once you are home, try out your aids for a short time. You might be surprised by the fans, motors, appliances, road noise, and even birdsongs that you hadn’t heard. If you find this experience disorienting, try wearing your aids for a short time each day. Once you are comfortable at home, you can try out your aids in a familiar public place like the grocery store. Only after you have adjusted to your aids should you take them on the road or into a more chaotic sonic environment.

How do I care for my new hearing aids? 

Today’s hearing aids are remarkably self-sufficient, and you shouldn’t need to do much to care for them. Some models have replaceable batteries, but an increasing number have rechargeable batteries. You can simply plug them into a charging dock at night as you would do with your smartphone or other devices. Your aids might have some debris or earwax on them over time. You can simply wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth to remove that surface matter. Simple tools like brushes and wire loops are available to assist in cleaning the components, but be careful not to tinker with your aids. If you find that any other issues arise, feel free to contact our offices for help. We can either instruct you how to care for your aids, do a simple repair in our offices, or find a certified repair technician or the manufacturer for more advanced needs. 

How long will my hearing aids last? 

Although each person has a different timeline for using a pair of hearing aids, we find that most people use their aids between four and six years before they get a new pair. At that point, your aids might continue to function, but changes in hearing aid technology can make you want to upgrade to a new model. If you are happy with the functionality of your aids, you might be able to get an even longer life out of them. 

If you have made the move to acquire new aids, you are well on your way to reaping the benefits. However, if you have not yet sought treatment for hearing loss, the time is now to start in that direction. We will begin with a full diagnostic exam and consultation, arriving at a recommendation of the right hearing aids for your needs. With that information, we can guide you in the process of fitting, adjusting, and caring for your aids, as well.