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Six Steps to Better Hearing with Lifestyle Hearing Solutions

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions of Tucson and Oro Valley, Arizona has a highly skilled staff of state-licensed professionals dedicated to helping you enjoy the sounds of life. At Lifestyle, you’ll receive the hearing solution that’s right for you—with the best possible comfort and performance.


1) Recognize the symptoms.

Speech and sounds may appear muffled. Conversations, or certain words, may be difficult to discern against background noise, and you might ask people to speak up. As a result, you may find yourself withdrawn or avoidant of social situations. You may find yourself turning up the volume on the record player or television to hear music or dialogue. When difficulty hearing has begun to interfere with your daily life, the most important step to better hearing is scheduling an appointment for a hearing test. Learn more about the signs you may need a hearing test.

2) Schedule a hearing test.

After you schedule a hearing test, Lifestyle Hearing Solutions takes care of the rest! When you come in, you will meet with one of our licensed hearing professionals, and receive a complimentary hearing test. A graphical display of your results is recorded in an Audiogram, showing two main components, frequency and intensity. This graph provides us much insight on whether or not you are suffering from hearing loss, the frequencies in which you have most difficulty, and the differences between your right and left ears. Based on these results, we are able to provide solutions specific to you.

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3) Consider the options.

As with all technology, hearing devices have become more sophisticated in the past few years. From “Made for iPhone” hearing aids to waterproof models to rechargeable aids, these hearing aids are lightyears ahead of what your parents wore. Digital hearing aid technologies boast T-coils for hearing looped systems for a wide range of experiences from a movie at the cinema to telephone conversations, as well as Bluetooth options to stream TV, cell phones, and digital sound directly to your ears. While all hearing aids use similar basic components to amplify sound from the environment into your ears, there is a variety of styles, prices, and special features specific for you to choose from to meet your unique hearing needs.

As you study the options, consider your aesthetic desires. Consider whether you prefer an in-the-ear or behind-the-ear style, as well as the color. There are many top-of-the-line styles for you to choose from that will boost your hearing – and your self-confidence! Learn more on our Guide to Hearing Aid Styles.

“Made for iPhone” hearing aids
Rechargeable aids
Hearing Aid Styles Guide

4) Find a good fit.

Lifestyle Hearing Solutions has decades of experience fitting hearing aids to our customers to provide the greatest comfort and performance. We work within a holistic model that considers your and your family’s medical history, your current physical condition, and your lifestyle. Along with the measurements we take of your ear canals, the information you provide us about your daily activities will provide us with a better picture of your needs. We believe this holistic approach, combined with the next step of testing a hearing aid, contributes to finding the most advantageous fit for you.

5) Take a “test drive.”

After we narrow down a selection of hearing aids, you will have the opportunity to try them out in the real world. Pay attention to the subtleties offered by each model of hearing aid as you move through the world. Take into account the aid’s abilities in different environments, from traffic to music to conversations, as well as the feel and fit in your ears. Consider that this hearing aid is the instrument that aurally connects you to all areas of your life – and your amplified hearing will vary in different spaces and places. This “test drive” will provide you with valuable insight to which hearing aid works best in your life.

6) Seek support and schedule regular visits.

Now that you’ve found the ideal hearing aid, be patient with the transition process of living with this new technology in your life. Seek support from your family, friends, and community as you take these steps to better hearing. Most communities offer support groups for individuals new to hearing aids. Lifestyle Hearing Solutions encourages our customers to schedule routine follow-up appointments for adjustments, maintenance and cleaning of hearing aids (which are free for the lifetime of your hearing aid). We look forward to seeing our patients and genuinely hope you visit us often!

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