Improve Family Communication by Treating Hearing Loss

Improve Family Communication by Treating Hearing Loss

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Father’s Day is a time to celebrate your dad, step dad, or other father figures in your life, spend time with the family, and appreciate the meaningful connections you have in your life. Connecting is all about communicating, so if your family has been having trouble talking, this Father’s Day is the perfect time to find ways to improve family communication.

Does You Father Struggle to Hear?

Dad’s big day is a time to thank him for all the input he’s had in your life over the years. It’s also a time to look ahead to the future and talk about how he can stay connected with the family and get more involved with the grandkids. If you’ve noticed you dad acting a little distant recently, he may be struggling to hear.

Hearing loss is more common than you think, with nearly 40 million Americans struggling to manage their hearing loss. And for seniors, the chances of hearing loss increase significantly. In fact, seniors 75 or older have a 50% chance of having hearing loss! Dads are the most at risk, since 20 or 30 years ago many men were exposed to dangerously loud working conditions and didn’t wear proper protective gear. This damaged their hearing, and retired men are more likely to have hearing loss than women.

Recognizing the Signs

If your dad has trouble communicating, watch for the signs of hearing loss. Has he been turning up the volume on the TV, or missing the ringing of the phone? Has he been asking you to repeat yourself more often, or getting lost in conversations? It’s common for those with hearing loss to hear better in quiet environments, or when they’re only talking to one person. However, in a noisy place or with a big group, they’re far more likely to get confused or answer inappropriately. Hearing loss is also a safety hazard, so watch for signs that your dad seems more prone to being unsteady on his feet or experiences any slips or falls.

Communicating with Dad

Have you planned a big family dinner to celebrate your dad? While honoring your father with a delicious meal is a great way to spend Father’s Day, it’s time to consider one more thing; his hearing. You need to make sure that the party in his honor doesn’t leave your father out of the loop, feeling frustrated or confused, or left struggling to hear while everyone else has a good laugh. Take a minute to sit down with your family and tell them about a few tips to help your dad hear.

Get Closer: You might be tempted to start telling a story from across the room, but if you’re far away or have your back turned, your dad has no chance of following what you’re saying. Before you start speaking, get closer. Pull up a chair on the side of his good ear, get comfortable, and make sure you have your dad’s attention from the get-go. You’ll have a much better chance at clear communication and won’t have to repeat yourself so often.

Don’t All Speak at Once: Family dinners can easily turn into boisterous affairs, with several people talking all at once. Remind your family that if they want your dad to hear, they’ll have to contain their excitement for a few minutes, and take turns speaking. In a noisy environment with several conversations flying around the table, it’s no wonder your dad gets confused and ends up spending most of the meal sitting in silence.

Give Dad a Gift He’ll Remember

If your father is struggling to hear, it’s time to talk to him about his hearing loss. Remind him that he’s not the only one affected when he can’t hear, and that the entire family misses talking to him. To improve family communication, and to give your dad a gift he’ll remember for years to come, call us at Lifestyle Hearing Solutions to book a hearing test.

We have a wide range of hearing devices that will suit your dad, whatever his lifestyle and hearing needs, whether its at the office, on the links with his friends, or at Father’s Day family dinner. He’ll be able to hear clearly and communicate easily, and the whole family can celebrate together.