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Oticon Hearing Aids in Tucson and Oro Valley

Oticon is the world’s second largest hearing aid manufacturer. The company was founded in Denmark in 1904 and eventually opened branches across the world. In 1977, they founded the Eriksholm Research Centre, dedicated to pioneering new technologies to empower people with hearing loss. Oticon have been a consistent leader in the field for over a century, and have a reputation for high-quality and innovative hearing instruments.

Oticon’s mission statement is “People First”. They focus on improving end-user benefits, and developing new technologies to make life easier for their customers. Their hearing aids aim to provide a more natural and stress-free listening experience, and complement a user’s lifestyle.

BrainHearing Technology

Oticon developed their hearing aids using their acclaimed “BrainHearing” approach – understanding how the brain naturally processes sound, and using state-of-the-art technology to complement it. Their hearing aids combine four main technologies that work together to provide the users brain with the sound inputs it needs to hear more clearly with reduced effort.

Click here to learn more about Oticon's newest technology: Oticon OPN

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Spatial Sound

Sound is three-dimensional, but hearing aids can often make it hard to identify the location of different sounds. Spatial Sound supports the brain’s natural ability to tell where sounds are coming from. It preserves sound differences between both ears and uses technology to build a dynamic picture of the auditory world around you.

Speech Guard E

Speech Guard E by Oticon specifically deals with conversational sounds. This feature improves the wearers experience during conversation, and provides a more natural feeling sound. This technology aims to optimize and preserve speech details. It improves sound quality during conversations, for a confident and seamless experience.


Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and different users will have their own personal listening preferences and needs. YouMatic allows your hearing professional to personalize your hearing aid to suit your needs and lifestyle.

This features allows your hearing professional to further personalize your hearing instrument based on your unique listening preferences. People with the exact same hearing loss will still experience sound differently and have different preferences as to what is too loud or too soft. YouMatic helps take care of this issue, providing users with greater satisfaction.

Free Focus

This intelligent directional system automatically improves your listening experience depending on your environment. It allows users to focus on the sounds that are important to them in any situation, while preserving important environmental noise.

The Hearing Aids

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Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN is the company’s newest and most advanced hearing instrument to date. It uses BrainHearing technology to takes the effort out of listening. It has one of the fastest processing chips in the industry, supporting a range of new technologies and features.

For more information on OPN, click here.


Alta 2

Alta2 is Oticon’s premium-level hearing aid. It is available in Behind-the-ear (BTE), Receiver-in-ear (RIE), and custom in-the-ear (ITE) styles, in a range of natural colors. All styles are nano-coated to protect against moisture, dust and dirt.

Alta runs on Oticon’s Inium platform. Its BrainHearing technologies offer enhanced speech clarity, improved directionality and easy connectivity. Features include Speech Guard E, Directionality Modes, Inium Feedback Shield, and Spatial Sound Premium.



The Nera (and Nera Pro) is Oticon’s mid-level hearing aid. It offers several premium technologies within an economical package, including the core BrainHearing features. Nera is available in BTE, RIE and ITE styles, and provides a comfortable and effortless experience for the user.



Dynamo is Oticon’s super power hearing aid, designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss. It is available as a discreet and robust BTE style in seven colors. It uses BrainHearing technology to naturally preserve important sound details, for reliable and stress-free listening.


Agil is Oticon’s previous premium hearing aid. Built on the RISE 2 platform, it provides excellent data processing technology, for better speech audibility and richer sound.


The Intiga is designed for first time hearing aid users with mild to moderate hearing loss. It offers enhanced sound quality and is easy to handle. It is available in discreet ITE and Invisible-in-canal (IIC) styles.


Acto hearing aids offer excellent sound clarity, with wireless coordination between both ears and longer battery life. Acto is available in BTE, RIE, ITE and IIC styles.


Ino is Oticon’s entry-level hearing aid, suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. It features fast and accurate sound processing, for an advanced and affordable listening experience.

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