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At Lifestyle Hearing Solutions, we are proud to fit Signia hearing aids for our patients. Signia is the current name for Siemen's hearing aid division. Siemens had already built a reputation for German engineering and high performance and Signia has retained its extensive range of state-of-the-art hearing aid technology with a renewed emphasis on personal hearing care.

Signia offers a solution for nearly every lifestyle, cosmetic preference, and hearing loss. No two people are the same. Their hearing loss and their lifestyles are unique. Hearing aids need to support adults of all ages, as well as active kids and teens. So, Signia hearing solutions come in multiple styles to meet individual demands.


Hearing Aid Models by Signia

Pure Charge&Go X

The acoustic motion sensor in the Pure Charge&Go hearing aids deliver tailored sound whatever environment you are in. The model also incorporates the powerful NX sound processing capability with the comfort of rechargeable hearing aids! With high-capacity Li-Ion power cells, Pure Charge&Go supports Bluetooth ® connectivity, giving users the ability to enjoy long-lasting, high-quality audio streaming of their favorite content.

Styletto Connect

One of the most beautiful hearing aids, the Styletto Connect hearing aid is 'Made for iPhone' device that can be used for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss. Its appealing design is reminiscent of high-end electronics rather than traditional hearing aids. They also double as high-tech earbuds for whatever TV show you’re currently hooked on. The innovate charger case can carry four extra charges for the devices, which means you can leave for a long weekend without worrying about finding a charging socket.

Silk Nx

If you’re looking for the ultimate in discretion, look no further. Silk is a convenient and efficient solution that gives new users immediate access to clear sound. They are 20% smaller than the previous Silk models, making them even more discreet than the previous model. The model uses 'click sleeves', which are silicone sleeves in three different sizes that "click" to the hearing aids hearing aids.


Insio Nx

The Insio Ns is a very popular option and delivers natural sound combined with the utmost discretion. These Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are equipped with Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing in a small completely-in-canal package. They offer great speech understanding in even noisy environments.

Motion Charge&Go Nx

This device will serve a wide range of hearing losses, whether it is mild, moderate or severe hearing. The model means that those who like the features of a behind-the-ear model now have a rechargeable option. The strong housing means it will take whatever life throws at you.

Pure 312 X

This model gives you the benefit of a natural sounding own voice coupled with excellent audio streaming between your smartphone and TV. It is suitable for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss.

Cros Pure Charge&Go Nx

This is a great solution for those with single-sided hearing loss. It combines the rechargeable technology and own-voice processing technology for a more natural sound.

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